My Dear, you are very welcome on my place in the Internet. Please take a sit, make to yourself a good, aromatic tea, because this will be a long journey 🙂 It’s not time to be afraid, I will do my best to be as specific as possible to guide you through this road.

The first question, which came to my mind was very simple. There was inside me for the very long time, but mind didn’t want to hear this. It is probably because of the fear of unknown inside myself. To be honest, when I made a conscious decision and I realised that what I am actually doing didn’t bring to my life a satisfaction, the answer was pretty clear and obvious. I want something new, something, that brings to my life some flavour and I will wake up every morning with big smile on my face and the thoughts I my mind “I love my life as it is and I would like to give more!” This is why I made a decision to begin looking for my new life path.

A lot of water has passed through the river Odra until I find myself clear, without believes and common standards. I’ve attended to a couple of workshops and coaching programs. I spent many hours alone seeking for answer inside me. I don’t regret anything, all of that experience, which I gained was helpful and I strongly believe, that thanks to this I am here for You .

Why am I jumping if I don’t know depth of the water inside the pool? I’m jumping, because I believe and I feel, that this is right and I should do this. Am I scared? Of course ! My Ego is shaking from the fear, but this brings a mobilization to my life even more  I am also slowly pulling back from my professional life (for those, who don’t know me – I’m the structural engineer). I don’t know if this will be just a separation or a divorce, will see. I am slightly
angry on the Construction Sector, so a friendly discussion on this matter are unlikely 😛

Please accept the invitation to this journey. Where is the final stop?
No idea 🙂

I send you the positive vibes!

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