Welcome back after the short brake!

I wished for myself to start the journey with my blog at the beginning of February.

With a little bit of good luck and with support of my lovely husband (both technical and mental) – we did it!

January brought to my life unusual activities. There were a lot of personal and career oriented challanges. There is a saying „Never bite more than you can chew“. In my opinion these words describes perfect what happened in my life recently.

February slowly passes away, as my beautiful 20’s. I’m ready for my new beginning with the strong believes, but also with silence and calm. I’m not afraid of the future anymore. Someone may ask “ It’s not possible! What about women’s crisis related to the age…?“ For me, the numbers connected to my age was very important either, but not anymore. There are just a numbers 🙂

NOW, it is the time to be thankful to people, who was with me or who was thinking about me during the recent period of time. It was very difficult time to my family/friends and me as well. I‘m writing here, because I know that everybody who supports me will be reading this. These folks are very IMPORTANT to me and I want to be a support for them EITHER.

THANK YOU! 💛 💛 💛

I’ve started 2020 as a rocket and hit to the universe. It could be just a saying or a beautiful metaphor, but maybe it might be true… Who knows … 😊

P.S. I strongly recommend you to use the word „Thank you“ in daily basis. It is veeery POWERFUL 🙂

For fun and to unload the emotions, a short ditty by KK:

There are no more words as now we could go too HIGH.

We would rather to stop here. KurKa say Good Bye!

Kindly greetings,


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