Is there any reason why in every sickness we focus our attention on the fact that this sickness exists, that it actually hurts? I am sure that you had situation, when you hurt yourself and you don’t feel the pain until you discovered the blood? This is how the brain works, as long as you don’t see, you don’t feel the pain. The brain is not aware of blood or possibility of infection or even worst. No fear appeared. Probably if person will live without the awareness of the problem, and the wound will heal itself without mind. Maybe the problem will never exist, the brain didn’t see the problem so we don’t feel the pain.

So maybe we can understand the sickness in harmony with that understanding? What actually is the illness for you, please take same time and find the answer inside you without google etc. Just a simple view what does it mean to you.

For me, until recently, the illness was an anomaly, unexpected effect of my or someone’s negligence, unhappiness. I did now want to be sick, I was afraid of that. This was my true until I allowed my horizon to be broaden and until I discovered another way of thinking in the other culture- I’ve learned about the traditional Chinese medicine, I had few treatment in the acupuncture clinic. I have tried something new, because I found out that it may help…

In my case, I was looking for brilliant “pill” for infertility. I really desired someone, who will fix my body, because I was convinced that my “human” is broken.

The curiosity and openness for other culture gave me guidepost, that the sickness is just a part of human’s life, nothing else. Sometimes it just happens, it is normal situation. I strongly believe that the coincident doesn’t exist and everything in life bring you something positive.

Coming back to the title. Please look from the different point of view. Imagine that every illness gives you something good, even infertility. To see this you should not focus on the problem. In my sense we can not looking for the answer in environment where it appeared. If I have right and what I am writing here has the correct meaning, the treatment of infertility doesn’t heal you fertility. If this makes sense for you then we have the guidepost, which tell you that it doesn’t matter if you are trying for a baby 3 months or 3 years. If deep, deep down you feel anxious, fear, pressure of society, partner or family, this situation never bring a new life to you.

This is why I strongly recommend you, please don’t look at your current situation as a tragedy full of incomprehension. I know how you feel, I understand your pain. I was there… From my experiance I can tell you that this route never guide you to the happy maternity.

Please look from the other site. Notice that in this dark and long corridor there is a small light and this is time for you to believe. Then take a deep breath, step back and relax. This is time for the question “ Actually, why I would like to be Mommy?” The answer could be a little lit shock for you. Take any answer you get – this is your second guidepost. Please look at this with mindfulness.

Full of love,

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