I matured for a long time to make a clean breast of emotions that are with me during endeavours. At the beginning I wasn’t aware of mental strain that could appear.

And yet… Month by month without succeed. Disappointment, sadness, sorrow were cumulated inside me. Month by month the same thing.

As a strong, independent woman, in male profession after all, I haven’t shown that emotions in outside world (or at least I thought so). My close friends became pregnant and I had hope, and in many times I was sure, that we will be succeed soon.

However, life showed otherwise.

It took me a long time to look into the mirror and ask myself honestly: What I really feel?”. It was a breakthrough moment. I admitted that, there are moments in my life, in which I feel all of that „inappropriate” feelings like sadness and disappointment, even on some level envy. There was no time for the internal criticism. It was time to show understanding and to be best friend for myself.

Don’t be afraid of crying. Tears are very cleansing, it releases emotions and tension from the body. Sensitivity is a beautiful female feature, and sadness during the time of trying for a baby is a normal emotion, that lot of women feel at this time.

Please don’t be afraid of emotions, that are sometimes called as „bad” or „inappropriate”. There are no bad or good feelings. What you feel right now is a guidance. Information what is going on in your life and what should bring your attention. Maybe you need more joy and chill in your life? Let yourself to feel this <3

Lots of love,

Forget me not

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